Thursday, May 28, 2009


As a new Christian iv been going through a ton of stuff that has been complicated, dealing with sin i use to love but is now reviled to me, and realizing that im no longer apart of this world. I want to strengthen my faith and my relationship with God yet there are many opsticles that are trying to throw me off track. I heard this song and its sounds pretty close to how i feel whats been goin on.

The ways of this world are grabbing a hold
Won't let me go, won't let me fly by
It’s taking it's toll down on my soul
‘Cause I know what I need in my life
Don't let me lose my sight of You
Don't let me lose my sight

I don't want to fall away from You
Gravity is pulling me on down
I don't want to fall away from You
Gravity is pulling me to the ground

This world keeps making me cry
But I'm going to try, going to try to fly, GOTTA FLY HIGH
Don't want to give into the sin, want to stay IN YOU ‘til the end
Don't want to lose my sight of You
Don't want to lose my sight


I want to fly
Into the sky
Turn my back on this WHOLE world AND
Leave it all behind
This place is not my home
It's got nothing for me
Only leaves me with emptiness
And tears in my eyes


I know with enough prayer and communication with God he will keep me out of all trouble and help me learn and grow in Him! Praise God!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesus Heals Two Men with Demons

So if your reading this and you do not know me i have only been saved for about 5 months now and my walk with Christ has been going a lot of different ways but has brought me closer to Him. I'm starting to become familiar with the Bible and the stories inside.

One story that really comes to my mined is when Jesus came to the country of the Gadarenes. As he came around there were 2 demon possessed men that let nobody pass them. They cried out, “What have you to do with us, O Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?” Well close by there was a herd of pigs and the demons begged him, saying, “If you cast us out, send us away into the herd of pigs.” Now we have to keep in mind that the demons knew who Jesus was but they wanted to test Him. All Jesus had to say was "GO". The demons then went into all of these pigs and all the demon possessed pigs then ran in the same direction off of the cliff into the water. The farmers then ran into town to tell everyone what they had seen and when they saw Jesus they begged him to leave the region.

This story really stood out to me and there are mainly 3 different reasons.
The first one is the power of God. "GO". GO? One single word casted out the demons. It really makes you think how powerful our God truly is. He Saved me from such a horrible past and is involved with every single thing that i do, that you do, that this whole world is involved in yet we all sin and he forgives us.

The second is possession. The young men were possessed with this demon characteristics yet they still knew who Jesus was and knew the power of what he could do yet they still insisted in testing him. Swine always ran their own ways and usually never ran together yet when Jesus casted them into the pigs they all ran in the same direction off of the cliff into the ocean killing themselves. Even demon possessed cannot beat the Power or God.

The third one is gunna be the perspective of the people. When the farmer saw hwt had happened to the men and his pigs he hurried to go tell the town what he just had witnesses. Well when the whole town had come to see Jesus they they told him to leave the region. I think it just shows us that when God performs something and we dont see it we dont really wanna believe it but if you look in Matthew 9:8 Jesus performed another miracle to in such a way to show his authority to men.

The reason this story catches me is because when Jesus performs a miracle he follows it with something else to show the people who he really is. In chapter 8 he dosnt just cast out the demons but he follows it by casting them into the swine and sent them off the cliff and in chapter 9 he goes up to a paralyzed man and tells him his sins are forgiven. Well the men said to themselves that this fellow is blasphemes, now Jesus knew they were thinking evil in their hearts and said "is it easier to say 'your sins are forgivin' or to say 'get up and walk'? So Proving himself he told the man his sins are forgivin and to follow it he told the man to pick up his bead and to go home. How thankful i am for God saving me from such a horrible past, knowing the power of God i want to walk the path of Christ and glorify him in everything i do because of the day God hung his son on that tree to take away all of our sins. How thankful i am! Praise God!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Night On Mill Ave.

MARK 16:14
"Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Mill Ave again. We stop and pick up a bunch of $5 pizzas to feed the hungry, well as we were waiting the lady that worked there went ahead and gave us a couple things of bread sticks to hand out as well. We passed out Over 200 water bottles with the Gospel on the label of the bottle Praise God and Pray that God opens their hearts who received them!

This is a table we set up with a bunch of different tracks and bibles for free for anyone to take with free water bottles as well!

As we arrived to Mill Ave we started to walk to where we set up and as we started to walk by the drum circle a little boy asked if he could help. We get to our spot and start to unload and my Dear Brother Rob-Roy had the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. I was able to hear the conversation and this young manes name was R.K. and his pet snake. He is always on Mill Ave and never really sees his dad and his mom dosnt live in Az. He felt very convicted about his sin so if you could please pray for this young man that God would work on his heart.

A little bit later in the night this young man named Jonam and my Dear Brother Steven had the chance to talk with him. He had alot of good questions and they both went through scripture together. I Believe that Steven and Jonam have actually been talking this past week praise God so please pray that God works on his heart!

I had the Opportunity to talk with 2 girls this night. One professed to be a Christian yet did not live a fruitful life, As i went through Gods law with her she started to feel convicted and she asked for a bible. She had a friend with her as well who believed in Evolution and neither Heaven nor Hell, I didnt get their names but please pray for the both of these ladies.

These are My Dear Brothers that went to Mill Ave. After we took this picture we finished prayer. A lot of people were talked to and received tracks. Pray that God convicts their hearts and saves them! ( Steven, Myself, Marcus, and Rob-Roy)

Examine Yourself!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blasphemy! What Christians Should Not Over Look!

I came across this article that really hit me... take a look.

Did you know that there was a time when the entertainment industry was bound by a code that forbade them from using any blasphemy in a movie? The “Hays Code” stated:

Pointed profanity--this includes the words “God,” “Lord,” “Jesus,” “Christ” (unless used reverently), “Hell,” “S.O.B.,” “damn,” or every other profane or vulgar expression, however used--is forbidden.

Hollywood is no longer restricted by the code. Many of today's movies don't simply blaspheme the name of Jesus. They go one further. For example, the award-winning Blow, directed by Ted Demme, is a typical R-rated film. The name of Jesus Christ is blasphemed eleven times in the movie. Three of those times, for some reason, the "F" word is used in the middle of His name.

So, how can you (as one person), make a difference and influence the powerful Goliath of the entertainment industry? The answer is in your own hands. In 2005, roughly $8.8 billion was spent on movie tickets in the U.S. How much of $8.8 billion do you think came from those who call themselves Christians? According to The Barna Group, it was a massive $6.94 billion. Over 70% of the box office intake comes from people of faith.

With more than 170 million professing Christians in America, we have a sling that has the power to hit the “dark side” of Hollywood between the eyes and leave a deep impression on its money-making mind. Simply stop paying to see blasphemous movies and support the ones you know are good. My goal isn't to clean up movies. That will never happen unless there is a Christian revival in Hollywood. In the meantime, I just want them to stop their blasphemy. They are causing an entire generation to hate Christianity, and to use the name of Jesus Christ to express disgust.

It’s become popular for church websites to give a little insight into the pastor’s likes and dislikes, so that you can get to know him better and perhaps imitate him. On one site, when the senior pastor is asked about his favorite movie, he says, “Tough one; I’m a movie freak -- used to be Lost Boys (vampire movie) . . . I like anything intense, brutal, mind-bending, etc.” His associate one-ups him. He answers, “Snatch with Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro. Great film if you can get past the 493 F-bombs!” Apparently he got past them without a problem. Actually, he was exaggerating a little when he said that the movie used “F” word 493 times. I located the original script and counted each time the word was used. It was used 156 times, and the name of Jesus was blasphemed 11 times.

Only once in Scripture do we see that Jesus was violent. He was so zealous for God’s name and to clean up the House of God that He tipped over the tables of the greedy money-changers. Let’s do the same. Let’s upend the sales at the box office of every movie that even slightly smells of blasphemy.

We Must Glorify God With Everything We Do!
"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God"
1 Corinthians 10-31

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Testimony

Well all through high school i was just goin farther and farther in the wrong path, partying, drinking, sex ah so bad. well when i moved into my own apartment i saw this 3F sticker EVERYWHERE and was on a car next to mine, so i researched and found that it was a church. well i started talking to a girl that went there and invited me for a couple weeks and i never went...then one week i decided to go. about 2 weeks later i told her i want to get baptized so she hooked me up with this guy named steven. so we went to lunch and talked a little bit then he asked if i was interested in getting baptized and i said yes and he was all...well why? at that point i didnt know i thought it just felt right. he then went through the law with me and what it trually means to be saved. as he was going through the law with me god was working on my the end of the convo i totally broke down, never have i broke down in front of a compleat stranger. god was workin on me harrd, he then told me he was gunna leave me alone and when i was ready to meet him at the church to give me a bible. well we continued to meet up and about 2 weeks later i called him and said i need to see you, we met up and i told him i was saved! GOD SAVED ME! i need to get baptized so that weekend i was batpized. through the convos we had he had told me we are not saved by baptizm we are saved by god and being baptized was being obediant to god because we are saved. now he is one of my best friends and we meet up all the time going through scrpture and growing in christ. all praise be to god ive been saved for 4 months! Gunna stay pure gunna walk with christ and be thee most godly man i can be growing in faith so when god brings we a wife we can both grow in christ and i can be the husband i need do be! I now pick up my cross and follow Christ our God!

John 6:44 "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me drawns him."

Monday, April 13, 2009